Our Mission

Our mission is very simple, to bring our customers the best quality ingredient for their cocktails at the best price available.

All of this in a just-in-time fashion.

the best cocktails

Boozify loves cocktails and we are constantly looking for the best recipes around.

the best prices

We scout for the best ingredients at the best price point. That’s how we are able to offer these incredible prices

at your place

We also love to have fun with our friends and know how relaxing it can be to sip your favorite cocktail at your own place.

The Cocktails

What would you like to drink tonight?

Here at Boozify we want to make happy as many people as possible. That’s why our products are organised in two categories, Original and V.I.P.

Every Cocktail Box is filled with quality ingredients we personally selected and tested. The V.I.P. option is built with quality as a paramount factor, the Original one is the perfect balance between quality and price to enjoy your cocktails as often as you like.

  • Boozify Original
  • Boozify V.I.P.

How does it work?

How long before I receive my cocktail box ?

We do deliver everyday starting at 19h. Choose the day and the time slot you prefer at the checkout. You’ll receive the kit at the time and date you pick and we’ll contact you only if some problems arise.

how do you calculate the servings ?

Servings, the amount of drinks we estimated for a cocktail box, are calculated by following the prescribed amounts in the recipe.

which areas are served ?

We are a startup and while we know everyone would love to be able to buy our cocktail boxes, for now we serve only Bruxelles. We are constantly expanding our network, but drop a line if you would like us to serve your area.

how do i pay ?

That’s simple, the most common payment services are supported, be it credit cards or Bancontact.

how about the quality of the ingredient ?

Our ingredients are the result of a constant effort to find the best quality at the best price point. We constantly look for the best brands that perfectly mix and test them ourselves.

where do i find the recipe ?

Ah, you received your cocktail box and now you are looking for the recipe, right? That’s easy, just go to the recipes page and follow the instructions. 

something to ask

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