Artisanal Cocktails

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Automate your artisanal cocktail bar
Keep the mystique of traditional bartending
Never work with pre-mixes again
Fully mobile cocktail solution for your event

Your unique cocktail recipe:

  • 1 part Cocktail Mixology
  • 1 part 21st Century Technology
  • Shake with 3 ice cubes full of data
  • Garnish with innovation
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TMC Europe

"A fine and smooth cooperation. From day 1, Boozify was a great partner to work with to make our team event a success. Communication was easy and they could adapt to our specific demands without any problems. A great choice of cocktails, easy to make and delicious."


"The presentation of the box is 10 stars.  The boxes are appropriate for a gift, for fun or for a party.  I highly recommend this company. I ordered the mojito box and it came with everything, including the crushed ice and a personalized card.  The service was exceptional.  I have already ordered another box as a gift.  Once lockdown is over I will order more boxes for social gatherings.  I know my guests will appreciate this fun and unique added element."