Premium cocktail experience
delivered to your door!

Show appreciation for your staff or clients by sending them
our one-of-a-kind cocktail experience box

Full customisation
Customisable service adapted to
your companies needs.
All the logistics completely taken care of
from start to end.
Superb quality
Premium spirits, ingredients &
qualitative workshops

How does it works?

Compose your cocktail box
Choose from our menu and customise
your online cocktail mixing experience
to suit your preferences.
Prep & delivery
Before your workshop, we’ll take care
of all the logistics. We ensure that
every participant receives his box at
their desired location.
add virtual workshop
Our experienced host will guide you
through the process with
an engaging, fun and informative
animated virtual workshop.

What is inside the box?

At Boozify we like to add a personal touch that makes our premium cocktail box’s
unveilling an unique experience in itself, providing your employee with a luxurious
personalised packaging that only we can deliver.

All necessary ingredients to mix at least two craft cocktails

Personalised note

Easy to follow recipe

Bar tools: Citrus juicer, bar spoon, jigger, bamboo straw, shaker (optionally)

Get A Drink

Some of our clients!

Tight follow-up and customer-oriented!

Stephanie from Event Masters
Los Angeles, CA

I purchased Mojito Boxes for my team, we were all very pleased with the quality of the ingredients as well as the accessories, it was all very professional.Boozify took the time to find a solution which met our expectations and needs.And the recipe is definitely a keeper ;) Cheers!

Celine Vanheghe
Los Angeles, CA

A fine and smooth cooperation.From day 1, Boozify was a great partner to work with to make our team event a success. Communication was easy and they could adapt to our specific demands without any problems. A great choice of cocktails, easy to make and delicious.

Florian Serneels
Los Angeles, CA

I ordered six boxes for a team event.The experience was seamless and very easy, all boxes exactly as ordered, received on time, with interesting and high quality ingredients. I appreciated the option of mocktail boxes that looked and felt just like the originals, so no one was left out. Would definitely order again.

Kelsey Arnold
Los Angeles, CA

Very professional collaboration.Thank you Boozify!

Sophie from OKUN
Los Angeles, CA

Customize your

We can accommodate custom-crafted drinks to bring that distinctive touch to your special event, no matter what theme, story, or message you want to convey to your employees. Upon request, we can also provide ready-to-use boxes, best-sellers, and configurable options such as custom drinks, alternative packaging, extra treats, and workshop script adjustments, to give you a personalised experience that fits your theme.

Whether you'd like your company's logo to appear on the box and tools or a laser-cut wooden box to commemorate your special event, we'll gladly fulfil your request.

Virtual interactive
Cocktail workshop

On top of our gift box option, we offer a thrilling, fully animated virtual cocktail workshop to redefine and re-galvanize the office team-building experience.

From virtual office parties, corporate events or employee celebrations. Our fully animated virtual cocktail workshop has become a highly sought after way to commemorate employees for their hard work or as a fantastic icebreaker for cultivating relationships with clients. No matter if your employees are scattered across Europe, we guarantee to get you shaking and stirring with our cocktail extravaganza. 

Non-alcoholic options are available.