About us

At Boozify we believe in creating memories with your friends and loved ones through craft cocktails.
We're convinced that world class cocktails should be for everybody. There's just something magical about them that really helps bring people together in a quite wonderful way. We create cocktail boxes which includes all the tools and knowledge to mix your favorite cocktail and experience a memorable event! All this in our awesome Boozify packaging, personalized and conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Perfect as a gift, or for that next drink which we so much crave.
Our story:
There are a few versions to the creation of Boozify: there's the official one, and there's the legendary one. You'll find the first one here, the latter is only told after dark and a few cocktails 😉

It was during pre-covid times (remember those?) when the first ideas of Boozify started brewing, eventually kicking it off as a small side business in 2019. It was at that time that Nicho and Max first crossed paths, but it wasn't until the summer of the glorious year 2020 for the two entrepreneurs to talk business. If telepathy didn't exits yet, then these two invented it. The Universe made the stars align on that warm (and slightly tipsy) summer night, when they discovered what their next ambitions would be. Ever since, these two have been unstoppable creating the Boozify Spirit.

There is no way to put an age on Max! He might be the older one of the both, but this dude is young spirited like a recently graduated cowboy ready to conquer the world with his wildest dreams. Nicho's best description of Max is a "Nalu that drank a Red Bull". There where Max heightens the team with positive energy bursts, it's Nicho that brings equilibrium.

Imported to Belgium from the Islands in Philippines back in 1997, Nicho riped like a good old Don Papa Rum. Now at his peak time, he embarked on the Boozify journey with one simple goal: To be part of an amazing project that creates memorable moments with friends and loved ones. Equally crazy as his co-founder, he's the more composed of the two. Don't spend to much time with him though as he'll sweet talk you into anything (true story).

Mixing sweet mother Russia and faraway Filipino spices makes for a volatile yet grounded concoctions of spirits. The perfect cocktail mix that pushes Boozify forward.