Mai Tai – V.I.P.


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Plantation Rum Trinidad Original Dark
Sailor Jerry Spicey Rum

Garnish & Others

Caraïbos Orange juice
Caraïbos Pineapple juice
9 Lime
Orgeat syrup
10cl Angostura
Ice x 2



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To kickstart your evening, you might consider trying one of the Tiki jewels: Mai Tai. Don’s Zombie put the Tiki’s on the map, and Trader Vic’s Mai Tai cocktail made sure they stayed there. The legend goes that the first man to try this concoction was said to cry out “Maita’i!” which means “Excellence!” in Tahitian.

The Tiki’s that matter are based on 4 core ingredients: lime, fruit, a sh*tload of rum and appearently the fact that the recipe went haywire somewhere in history. In the left corner you will find an oldy but goldy, aged rum. In the right corner, the flavour that gives you that little bit of extra..spice..d rum. The battle however, only has winners, balancing each other out perfectly. If you are up for a woody nutty taste, with some hints of lime and unique sweetness, this is your drink right here.


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