Old Fashioned – Original


Your Cocktail Box


Jim Bean

Garnish & Others

5 Lemons
3 Oranges
10cl Angostura
2lt Soda
Cane sugar
2 Packs of Ice
Maraschino cherries



“Make it simple, but significant” – Don Draper, Mad Men

When you break it down, an Old Fashioned is little more than a shot of whiskey, seasoned and sweetened. Clean and powerful.

This gentleman’s classic can be traced back to the early mixology days, where in the midst of a rising cocktailculture with a variety of new techniques, flavours and ingredients, the old-timers craved for something they knew, and trusted. A simple, yet sophisticated drink, the old fashioned way.

This classic cocktail requires American whiskey for preparation and has only one rule when it comes to the spirit of choice: if you can’t sip it by itself, don’t use it in the drink. Bourbon is sweeter in nature and fuller in body, with more concentrated notes of wood, vanilla and caramel. Rye tends to have a drier taste and will add spicy tones to your drink.


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