About Us

Boozify, a cocktail of people

Meet Max, a pharmacist with a knack for blending spirits and concoctions. Then there’s Nicho, a data privacy expert—analytical yet charismatic. Both share a passion for cocktails, despite no formal bar training. Together, they bring a unique blend of expertise to the craft.

We all deserve craft cocktails

Under the motto “Creating memories with craft cocktails”, we believe in the magic of artisanal cocktails, and that they have the power to connect people and capture the wildest stories. We believe that this should be possible without waiting lines and without creation of unnecessary waste in the process.
«Our ultimate goal is to revolutionising the craft cocktail experience at mass and B2B events, by providing event organizers and venue owners with technologically innovative cocktail solutions that help them serve artisanal cocktails fast and cost-efficiently»

Nicho, CEO

The Awesome Team

Backed by Belgium´s biggest start-up accelerator

Thank You Start it @KBC

Thank you for believing in us. It was tough love at first sight since you clearly rejected our first application. Little did we know how serious you were about helping unguided missiles. Nothing a freshly made cocktail served at the speed of light can’t fix. You should have seen the jury faces, priceless! Valuable were the 167 pitches practices and countless coaching hours. You brought friends for us. You grouped us in a cohort with entrepreneurs where we can simp and cry out our hearts, as well as celebrate our achievements. We are grateful you sipped that potion. We won’t let you down.